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The Full Story

The history of garlic is as old as recorded history itself.  From ancient Asia to Mesopotamia to Europe and the Americas garlic’s pungency left its mark becoming widely recognized not only for sustenance but also for its endless health benefits.  In 2021, Bugle Boy Farm began its own contribution to garlic’s story.


Our gourmet garlic is naturally grown, chemical-free, and non-GMO.  We will deliver within 15 miles for 5 lbs or more.  Please contact 919-500-3753 for custom size orders or larger braids.  For more information, please visit

Disclaimer: While we anticipate a successful yield, factors such as weather conditions and crop availability may affect the final outcome.  In the event of any unforeseen circumstances impacting our garlic production, your pre-order will be fully refunded.  Thank you for your understanding and support. 

The Product

Turban Varieties:



Porcelain Varieties:


Romanian Red

Artichoke Varieties:

Inchelium Red

The Price

Inchelium Red: $24/lb

Music: $28/lb

Chesnok Red: $28/lb

Romanian Red: $28/lb

German White: $28/lb

7 Bulb Braid: $25

13 Bulb Braid: $46

The Process

1. Soil Amending

1. Soil Amending

The soil was amended by adding cow manure, bone meal, blood meal, gypsum, and lime.

2. Planting

2. Planting

Our garlic was hand planted.

3. Weeding

3. Weeding

We periodically hand weed for optimal growth.

4. Scapes

4. Scapes

Scapes are harvested and used at local restaurants.

5. Harvesting

5. Harvesting

Once each garlic variety reaches its maturity, we harvest.

6. Curing

6. Curing

The garlic is dried for 3 weeks and then sold.

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